Social Media Marketing Laws to know and practice.

Any Digital marketing consultant would agree that leveraging the potentials of social media marketing and online marketing can help any business generate more revenue and make more customers remarkably. But without a clear understanding and prior knowledge and experience with digital marketing, brands find it hard to use to the business’s needs.

Agencies providing internet marketing services emphasizes on the significance of knowing the basics of social media marketing so that companies and brands can leverage its power to the maximum.

So, let’s find out some essential fundamentals of social media marketing.

The law of Focus

Social media marketing is not about being a jack of all trades. Since social media marketing has too much to know and understand, businesses often lose their focus from their field of expertise. The first law of social media is to stay focused and formulate a persistent brand image through posts and contents you put on social media channels. Failing to set a consistency in your social media marketing efforts can distract you from your goal, confuse your consumers and bring down your band image.

The key is to operate how your consumers would want you and gain their likes.

The law of Listening

In social media, follow others to be followed by others. To make people see you and pick you over other brands become part of the social discussions going on in social media channels. Listen to your audience in the social media space and learn what they want from you. By listening to the desires of your customers, you would be able to devise a strategic campaign that is bound to initiate a conversation between you and your brand. Figure out what type of content is favorite amongst your target group, find out the trends that rule in social media. Additionally, be careful of what people are interested or uninterested in.

The law of keeping Patience

No doubt the result of social media marketing is evident, but it takes time to become apparent. There would be campaigns that would become a hit overnight while others would take time to attract the desired numbers of audience. Besides precision, social media is a game of patience. The jump start you had wished for might take a few more months, but your efforts shouldn’t fall. Keep your social media channels engaging with activities that are both informative as well as entertaining.

The law of maintaining Quality

Like most other marketing efforts, quality always matters more than quantity. Social media is not about just blindly making followers, but it is about building quality followers who can help your brand reach out to more and more people.

The law Compounding

In social media, quality content gets shared across channels and mediums. Quality content is more likely to be read and spread by influencers with their followers. It increases the chances of a brand to be visible to its target audience. The key is to find out the target group you want to pitch and create high-quality content.

Three artificial intelligence business applications that can enhance the customer experience

Your business identity and reputation depend on your ability to enable your customer service channels to your patrons. This is a reality in today’s market space because any IT consulting VA professional will agree that the game has changed in the field of eCommerce where customer experience now also reigns supreme.

Consumer behavior has changed over the last several years, where customers have become more demanding in terms of after sales service and support for the products they purchase.

But one innovation will stand out to provide consumers with evidence-based solutions to amplify customer experience- artificial intelligence.

Guarantees seamless and relevant customer experience

“From the customer perspective, if the organizations they interact with are using AI correctly, they shouldn’t know AI is running the experience behind the scenes. AI has the power to make customers feel they are making their choices, but, it’s the machine learning and the algorithm that are handling those decisions,” CTO Sean Connell of customer experience group Verndale said.

It’s not mind control, rather it is the ability of machine-learning algorithms that “suggest” the closest and relevant factors that affect your decision-making rationale. It bases its conclusion on the information you provided during your interaction with a chatbot or voice assistant.

Here are three of the most popular customer service AI chatbots based on features and functionalities that are making waves in the technology-rich e-commerce environment.


BotEngineis a customizable chatbotthat can be integrated into apps and services offered in a website. It features a quick start wizard with pre-loaded templates. You can customize it by dragging and dropping responses and actions.

It has a chat widget that you use to instantly integrate the bot into your website, social media account or messaging app. It is also capable of automating your customer support channels by adding it to any third-party chat app or services.

You can adjust your bot daily based on your desired marketing or support platform. It can also communicate with external services so you can send the collected data directly to your CRM and database.


NanoRepis a chatbot that features a guide for customers that assists customers all throughout a journey within a website space.  It’s an intuitive customer service tool that handles issues for customersin booking a flight or tracking an online order.

It features some predefined scripts but is not limited to it,such as with some chatbots. It provides context-based responses using its Contextual-Answers solution systems such as responses to Customer Rewards profile and status, device type used to access the site, and the product the customer initially typed along with other related products.

It is also equipped with a smart channeling feature that can point customers to relevant third-party support.


Twyla is an AI-driven conversational chatbot that provides assistance as a helpdesk channel and live chat platforms. It works within enterprise systems such as web-based CRM’s and ERP’s to streamline the customer support process and avoid the need for customers to phone in their concerns, thus, promoting an exceptional customer experience.

These are just a few of the smart IT solutions and managed services that integrates AI technology to deliver an exceptional customer experience.